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Accessible only with the privilege of Kule Hotel & Spa
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Spa Center

Kule Hotel offers you an exclusive environment in the center of the city to relax your body and soul and gain vitality: The Spa and Fitness Center, inspired by a rich Turkish bath culture and a geography where traditions intersect, offers a modern spa in the heart of Gaziantep. All of them are designed to make you feel special and privileged.


Opening: 14:00 - Closing: 22:30

Our hotel guests can contact the extension number 2424 to make a massage appointment.

Our customers who are not hotel guests in our Spa Center can enter Oska Aquapark & ​​Sauna, and call 0342 371 01 20 for a massage appointment.



It is a massage specific to the Bali region of Indonesia. Effective pressures on the energy points in the body, with soft strokes and necessary stretching movements, pass through the muscle tissue on the surface and affect much deeper. This massage ensures the balancing of all energy centers in the body and the integration of all internal systems with each other. With our natural oils used as a complement to this massage technique, the tension in the muscles is relieved; energy level rises, stabilizes; An extraordinary relaxation is achieved in the whole body and mind.


You can spend time as you wish in the indoor swimming pool and children's pool, which are disinfected by minimizing the side effects of chlorine and other chemicals.


The Turkish bath, one of the cultural traditions of Gaziantep, is at the service of our valued guests with the difference of Kule Hotel & Spa. Every detail you can find in historical baths is also available at Kule Hotel & Spa.


 The perfect spa experience to strengthen your body and feel healthier, energetic and fit.



You can benefit from our excellent steam room to start the day with pleasure or to get rid of the stress and anxiety of the day, to get rid of the toxins in your body.


Thanks to our pool at a temperature of 40 degrees, you can get rid of the bad and negative thoughts that exhaust you and instill anxiety in your mind and embrace a happier, more peaceful lifestyle with the purifying effect of water.



One of the benefits of sauna is its contribution to weight loss. Sweating in the sauna allows the body to relax, the toxins on the skin are cleaned with sweating, and the harmful chemicals inside are excreted through sweating. Sweating in the sauna is also beneficial for skin health. But it should not be overdone. Sauna is beneficial for muscle health, sauna sweating can help balance the fat ratio in the muscles. In addition, sauna provides stress relief. Sauna sweating, which allows the muscles to relax, naturally contributes to nervous and mental health.